Online Resources for Diabetes Support

Where to go online for diabetes support:

Insulin Pumpers – an online discussion group with over 4800 members

Diabetes CGMS – yahoo groups list serve with over 1000 members

Parents of Children With Diabetes – mailing list by Children With Diabetes

What’s New at Children With Diabetes – weekly newsletter

Pep Squad – Parents Empowering Parents by the Diabetes Research Institute

Juvenation – a type 1 community created by the JDRF

TuDiabetes – a community by the Diabetes Hands Foundation

Diabetes News Hound – news updates

diaTribe news – research and product news

Diabetes Daily – recipes and more

Parents of Diabetic Kids – online forum

A Place For Parents – forum by the American Diabetes Association

Safe at School – American Diabetes Association school resources

Feel free to add more online resources in the comments section.