Tweets from the Children With Diabetes Focus on Technology Conference

A summary of my tweets from the Children With Diabetes Focus on Technology Conference in Crystal City, Virginia February 1-3, 2013 touches on the highlights from the conference. More tweets can be found on twitter under the hashtag: #cwdtech.

From Juicy Mama ‏@JuicyMama2go:

Learning lots at the children with diabetes focus on technology conference in DC

Jeff Hitchcock…Symlin and Victoza have been used in teens and can help with weight loss

Jeff Hitchcock: two take home messages for teens 1. test BS more often and 2. pre-bolus for meals

Listening to Dr. Moritsugu speak on the zen of health literacy

Dr. Moritsugu says being a parent is the most difficult job in the world

Can Type 1 diabetes be prevented? TrialNet

JDRF Research Summit March 9th, 2013:

This t:slim insulin pump is so small it actually looks cute

It’s weird to get excited over an infusion set but I can’t wait to try the Orbit…Rotating head, breathable & heat sensitive tape

Dr. Damiano: Pathways to the Artificial Pancreas… 2013 camp study planned

Dr. Damiano holding up the Artificial Pancreas Dexcom-iphone device.

Commercial launch of artificial pancreas goal is first half of 2017- Ed Damiano

Tandem working on dual chamber pump for insulin and glucagon – Damiano

Keeping kids with diabetes safe at school by Crystal Jackson:

“We want our kids to have equal opportunity at school, like their friends,” Crystal Jackson

Crystal Jackson: 504 plans apply to religious and private schools that receive federal funding too and many do

Safe at school: regardless of state and local laws, federal law requirements must be met

27 states have passed school diabetes care legislation – Crystal Jackson

Virginia law: school nurse to student ratio: 1 to 837 (ranks 24th) – C Jackson

Making sense of sensor data by Gary Scheiner

It’s not how low you go, it’s how long you stay low- Gary Scheiner

It’s where you’re headed, not just where you are- Gary Scheiner

Gary Scheiner: consolidate the snacks

Gary Scheiner: the best way to figure the duration of insulin is to give a correction dose & see when BS stops dropping

Store sensors in fridge and they can work past the expiration date – Gary Scheiner

Sensors are like fine wine. They get better with age. – Gary Scheiner

“Greatness always comes from adversity,” Sebastien Sasseville

“You have to challenge your perceptions,” @sebinspires

Sebastian has a brother with Type 1 too. He tries every day to win against his diabetes. @sebinspires

I could not think of another disease you must do together. It’s a team effort. @sebinspires

“When you build a team you are always stronger,” @sebinspires

When you climb Mt. Everest you go up and down to get to the top, you just don’t go up.” @sebinspires