Where Did Last Month Go?

What do Component HD AV Cables have to do with diabetes and where did last month go (and the month before that for that matter)?

I received a damaged shipment of diabetes supplies from the medical supply company. The box was torn apart and taped back together. Inside there were ripped boxes of diabetes supplies, and most of the contents were missing. All the boxes of test strips were gone. The box also contained something else, a set of Component HD AV Cables.

About a week or so later, I received another package, and inside were the same Component HD AV Cables. A shipping company representative had returned to pick up the damaged box for an investigation and then had shipped the contents back to the medical supply company. Since the medical supply company doesn’t sell cables, they mailed them back to me. Fortunately the medical supply company did replace the shipment of diabetes supplies.

Yesterday I was on the phone in regards to a broken medical alert bracelet, which necessitated a trip to the post office to return it for repairs. From doctors’ visits, to more calls to the medical supply company (including three calls about the wrong lancets that were shipped), to training new teachers and school nurses, to writing a letter about diabetes to the bus driver (and then another letter to the new bus driver), the time has just flown by.

From filling out medical forms for school, to pharmacy visits for more insulin, to packing medical supplies for school, and buying snacks for school (and getting more juice, of course), the month has disappeared. Then there were two visits to the classroom to read Taking Diabetes to School and staying for soccer practices and games to be there to test blood sugars and treat lows.

Plus there are the usual daily activities to manage diabetes, ranging from packing lunches and counting carbs to checking blood sugars (during the day and night) and giving insulin.

Now I keep the twice sent to me box of cables sitting on my desk to remind me to keep a sense of humor about all of this!