Error Messages When Testing Blood Sugar Levels

Error message

Nothing frustrates me more than getting an error message after applying blood to the test strip in the glucometer. These error messages seem way too frequent. Sometimes the blood stops half way. Sometimes there isn’t enough blood. Sometimes the meter has timed out, or the meter is still on the code screen. Sometimes my younger . . . → Continue reading: Error Messages When Testing Blood Sugar Levels

A New Lancet Device

I got excited when I saw the new Accu-Check MultiClix Lancet Device at the vendor table at the Children With Diabetes Focus on Technology conference but not because it was a one-click gizmo. I got excited because it was black and our lancet devices are blue. I didn’t know they came in different colors! Or . . . → Continue reading: A New Lancet Device

Where Did Last Month Go?

What do Component HD AV Cables have to do with diabetes and where did last month go (and the month before that for that matter)?

I received a damaged shipment of diabetes supplies from the medical supply company. The box was torn apart and taped back together. Inside there were ripped boxes of diabetes supplies, . . . → Continue reading: Where Did Last Month Go?