10 Diabetic Friendly Sweet Snacks That Your Kids Will Actually Eat

1. The half veggie, half juice drink that has half the carbs of regular juice!       You knew I was going to start with juice right?

2. A root beer float made with diet root beer and sugar-free vanilla ice cream- yum!

3. Or a creamsicle float made with diet orange soda and sugar-free vanilla ice cream. Add sugar-free whipped cream for summertime decadence.

4. Chocolate muffin tops– I never get to eat these since they disappear so fast!

5. Chocolate milk made with fat-free milk and sugar-free chocolate mix.

6. Sugar-free, carb-free jello that’s strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or banana flavored.

7. Sugar-free ice cream sandwiches or sugar-free popsicles, of course!

8. Chocolate-flavored protein drinks.

9. Frozen chocolate-covered bananas.

10. Fruit and nut granola bars.