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Help! My Child With Diabetes Is A Chocoholic!

Is your child a chocoholic who demands chocolate for every meal?

Does she go on a hunger strike until chocolate is served?

Here are five diabetic-friendly, chocolate-flavored ideas for you. Well I meant for him or her, but a little chocolate will help you, too!

1. Chocolate milk made with Nesquik no sugar added chocolate powder

2. Hot chocolate made with Swiss Miss no sugar added hot cocoa mix

3. Fruit topped with Smuckers sugar-free chocolate syrup

4. Chocolate yogurt, such as Stonyfield organic chocolate yogurt or Oikos Greek chocolate yogurt

5. Chocolate Vita muffin tops which come in flavors like triple chocolate chunk, banana fudge, double chocolate dream, and sugar-free velvety chocolate.

Bon Appétit!



Chocolate Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in any of the brands named above and have received no free products or giveaways.


1 comment to Help! My Child With Diabetes Is A Chocoholic!

  • Kira

    I’m a chocoholic and have been a diabetic since age three… I always use the no sugar added chocolate milk powder, and I also reduce the amount from 2 tablespoons to one. It tastes the same, and it cuts the carbs. (By the way, I’m 14.)

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