Diagifts: A Holiday Gift Giving Guide

My toddler daughter was thrilled one year when Santa brought her a tiny pump and pump belt for her doll. Santa gets it!

Here then is my holiday list of diagifts for kids:

The stuffed pancreas by iheartguts. My daughters adore these soft pancreatic pillows. iheartguts also sells a pancreas lapel pin and a pancreas T-shirt.

The ultimate girl’s bag for carrying diabetes supplies: the lovebug bag by Myabetic. It’s cute on the outside- and the inside.

The toy pump and pump belt for dolls from Pump Wear. We use a small clip-on pedometer for the doll’s CGMS.

Spibelt belts in cool colors and patterns – the pump and CGMS belts that don’t fall off when you run. My girls swim with them on, too.

A pretty medical alert bracelet with beads, or a sporty sports band medical alert bracelet.

Books on diabetes such as…

The Dinosaur Tamer And Other Stories for Children with Diabetes, by Marcia Levine Mazur, Peter Banks, and Andrew Keegan, or

It’s Time To Learn About Diabetes,  A Workbook on Diabetes for Children, Jean Betschart, MN, RN, CDE or

Explaining Diabetes, by Anita Loughrey.

For stocking stuffers:

The syringe ink pen and syringe highlighter– shots that don’t hurt!

Insulin vial covers in bright colors – they’re just so cute, and useful, too!

Of course, a cure for diabetes would be nice too, Santa, and until that time comes, an artificial pancreas under the tree would definitely be appreciated (make that two)!

Happy Holidays!