We Found Your “IPOD”

Those were happy words when the hotel called to let me know the Dexcom G4 receiver had been found. A call to the hotel the day before turned up nothing. When the hotel room was cleaned that night, the “ipod” was found and turned into the lost & found. Since the “ipod” was labeled with . . . → Continue reading: We Found Your “IPOD”

Concerts, Shows, and Parades- Oh My!

When your child is in a show, concert, or parade, diabetes won’t take an intermission.

Your child will be on stage perhaps separated from an adult who can help them if he or she is having a low blood sugar. Will the excitement, stress or extra activity required for the performance cause the blood sugar . . . → Continue reading: Concerts, Shows, and Parades- Oh My!

Diagifts: A Holiday Gift Giving Guide

My toddler daughter was thrilled one year when Santa brought her a tiny pump and pump belt for her doll. Santa gets it!

Here then is my holiday list of diagifts for kids:

The stuffed pancreas by iheartguts. My daughters adore these soft pancreatic pillows. iheartguts also sells a pancreas lapel pin and a pancreas . . . → Continue reading: Diagifts: A Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Diabooks: Updates to the Diabetes Bookshelf

Three new books added to the diabetes bookshelf this year are Not Dead Yet, My Race Against Disease from Diagnosis to Dominance, by Phil Southerland and John Hanc, The Sweet Life: Diabetes Without Boundaries, by Chef Sam Talbot, and Coco and Goofy’s Goofy Day, by Susan Amerikaner. All three books could appeal to those without . . . → Continue reading: Diabooks: Updates to the Diabetes Bookshelf

10 Juicy Traveling Tips

1. Make a list of your diabetes supplies and use it as a packing list.

. . . → Continue reading: 10 Juicy Traveling Tips

No-Sugar Added Poetry

Book Cover graphic

It’s hard to believe anyone can make diabetes poetic.

But that’s exactly what the Diabetes Hands Foundation did with a book of poetry called No-Sugar Added Poetry, A Diabetes Poetry Book.

One of my favorite poems in the book is “Ode To A Perfect Pancreas” by Alan Eastwood. “What Matters” by Kerri Morrone . . . → Continue reading: No-Sugar Added Poetry

Using Words To Advocate For A Cure

The American Diabetes Association has an advocacy program in which anyone can email their senators or congressmen to request support for programs like the Special Diabetes Program, which provides funding for diabetes research.

. . . → Continue reading: Using Words To Advocate For A Cure