A New Lancet Device

I got excited when I saw the new Accu-Check MultiClix Lancet Device at the vendor table at the Children With Diabetes Focus on Technology conference but not because it was a one-click gizmo. I got excited because it was black and our lancet devices are blue. I didn’t know they came in different colors! Or do the new devices only come in black?

Personally I would like one with polka dots and maybe one with stripes, no make that a paisley pattern. Yes, it matters. When you have two children with diabetes and they share a bedroom, it can be hard to keep two lancet devices separate, especially in the middle of the night when I’m half asleep. I always have to be careful about this and force my eyes to open fully during the night. Yes, each lancet device is labeled with their names and decorated with different stickers for instant recognition. But even so, the stickers can peel off, and they still do look similar. So a pink one and a polka-dotted one would be great.

I love how the lancets are concealed in a drum, so there are no sharps to worry about, but I would also like it if it weren’t shaped like a pen. I need it to be half the height to fit into a smaller bag of supplies (carrying all those supplies around is its own prickly problem) AND why is this device round? Do you realize I have one that lives under the stove and one that I finally fished out from under a bureau? Yes, put some breaks on these things so they don’t ROLL!

Also, did you know that our insurance doesn’t cover the lancet devices? The explanation I was given by the pharmacist was that it is an over-the-counter item. So let’s splice the $30 cost of these things ($60 for us because we need double of everything) because that price doesn’t even include the lancets. By the way, the new lancet devices use a different type of lancet drum, so don’t think you will upgrade and use your old lancets.

Of course the ideal lancet device would have no sharps and cause no pain or calluses. Perhaps it would be a skin reader, and the only side effect would be laughs for the ticklish.

Until then, give me my polka dots!