The 2013 Children With Diabetes Friends For Life Conference in Orlando, Florida

Disney Coronado Resort

The combination of Florida sunshine and palm trees, Mickey Mouse ice cream bars and princesses, and so many smiles and hugs from friends for life makes diabetes feel a lot less bumpy and grumpy.

Because of attending the 2013 Children With Diabetes Friends For Life Conference in Orlando, Florida, plans are underway for us for a new type of insulin pump, a new glucometer to use, and a different infusion set to wear. None of these particular items have ever been suggested or mentioned by our healthcare team, but it takes a village and that village is FFL (pronounced ‘phifel’). We also learned about new products on the horizon to make our life with diabetes easier and to improve diabetes management in the future.

We saw stars we love like Crystal Bowersox, Kendall Simmons, and Jackson the Dog. My older daughter now knows what the ideal blood sugar range is for a dog with diabetes. And she learned that she should wear sunglasses to avoid cataracts. You learn all kinds of things at a CWD conference!

In my last post called the Diabetes Disconnect, I mentioned my wish for inclusion for my children, and seeing my daughter at CWD swim with her two new BFFLs, her not wanting to leave the pool, wishing only to stay by her friends’ side to play and be free, is my lasting memory from CWD. Many thanks to all the amazing people (and animals) who make FFL what it is!

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Disney Coronado Resort