How Do You Find a Cure With Words?

Author Brenda Novak’s Online Auction For Diabetes Research has raised over one million dollars for diabetes research.

Inspired by her son with Type I diabetes, Brenda began the auction 6 years ago. This year she donated $285,870 to the Diabetes Research Institute. Her auction included items you can’t buy in stores, such as lunch with . . . → Continue reading: How Do You Find a Cure With Words?

JuicyMama loves Jamba Juice!

Inside a Jamba Juice store

Jamba Juice has carb counts making life so much easier for JuicyMama. Jamba Juice offers delicious, healthy, organic, no sugar options. The menu includes hot oatmeal made from organic steel-cut oats and all fruit smoothies. Your kids won’t feel deprived here while enjoying a juicy fruit smoothie.

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